I Am Mother (2019) is a phenomenal film

I had the pleasure of going in blind and I was awed by this film. I had only learned after watching that this was in fact an Australian film production. I’m not too familiar with their cinema, but I can see how and why this independent film – set with only three characters – gained such acclaim. After the initial set-up and introduction, the film’s plot kept me engaged throughout it all. It was just three characters in a very intimate, interpersonal conflict and it delivered so well.

I honestly expected disappointment; some element of shallowness or stupidity to ruin the charm of the film. Instead, I was blown away from start to finish. I can’t even articulate how much I was enthralled by this film. Every element of a “plot hole” that I thought existed – such as the rat supposedly eating the wires – was sufficiently made clear upon realizing Daughter’s entire life was a test from Mother. As soon as Woman came into the film and started praying a Christian prayer, I fully expected some malarkey about faith with some nebulous analogy to Jesus Christ. Instead, I found myself blown away by the courage of the filmmakers in presenting an utterly rationalist perspective and doubling down on it. I was mystified and in awe of this whole film. And as far as where the faith metaphor went . . . this spoilerific scene says so much with just so little.

I highly recommend watching this film if you have the time. It’s relatively short, self-contained, and so well written and executed that I fear spoiling even a little could ruin the experience. Needless to say, this film is a 10 / 10 for me. I absolutely loved it past the beginning 30 minutes to the final scene of the film. Definitely give it a chance if you love sci-fi and AI stories, I think it is worth watching at least once. To conclude, I think the ultimate message of the film is that love can even transcend AI programming.

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