Los Cronocrímenes / Timecrimes (2007) is misogynistic garbage: A short Spoiler-filled rant

I had to stop mid-way because of how stupid this film was. Why would “the girl” – not even given a name – do any of those things and not simply run off in the forest? A pair of scissors is supposed to threaten her to take off her clothes? It amazes me that nobody comments on the clear misogyny of this film. I’ve seen headlines claiming it is a metaphor for cheating. Cheating? Really? Is that what some people think Hector’s premeditated sexual assault and murder of a young woman is? The girl went over to see if he was okay from a car crash, gets attacked by Hector, forced to strip under threats by Hector, and then murdered by Hector. Why the fuck did she not think to grab something as a weapon to defend herself? Why didn’t she call the police earlier?

This film is a trainwreck of bad writing. You have to treat the girl as a plot device and object for Hector and the Scientist to use – and in fact, that’s exactly how she is treated – to believe any of these events. This film was awful. I wish I had never listened to recommendations about it. If you want a good groundhog-day Time Travel story, watch Steins;Gate.

As typical of Western Barbarians; if a Western country like Spain makes a thoroughly misogynistic film, then it is “modest” and “provoking” but if perceived “non-Western” countries like Japan do it? It’s sexist, misogynistic, and vile. This was clearly one of the most misogynistic films ever made and no Western news organization, blog review, or article about it ever seems to mention that. The director simply got praised for “no plot holes” for a story that doesn’t make sense. The violence against the woman is just so normalized in the barbaric culture of Western values that nobody gives it any thought. Such are the cultural values of Western civilization. About the only thing good is the acting from the cast to make you convinced that any of this is believable, despite the clear suspension of disbelief that should have have arisen from the young girl and Hector’s actions.

0/10. Avoid.


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