Short reviews of a bunch of movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Den of Thieves is So Stupid (Netflix)

I had to drop this film right at the time when the main character walked back to his apartment smirking because his girlfriend fucked the cop who was investigating him . . . because he told her to. I really don’t understand the whole macho power fantasy bullshit. This film was terrible. It had a really strong opening, I thought it would go places, and instead the story starts circling around the home life of the Sheriff. I don’t care. This film was marketed as a heist film and it was just fucking stupid bullshit. I hate Hollywood. I really do. They’re just so stupid and almost never able to write a good story at all. This film has convinced me that Americans are genuinely too stupid to ever come up with a good story. That sounds ridiculous, but oh my goodness, you would never see this level of utter shit from any other culture – if America can even be said to have a culture. I suppose idiocracy is our culture.

Previously, the Sheriff had insulted the Heist leader’s family by saying he came to a Japanese diner to get some ass while looking at the Heist leader’s girlfriend. The Heist leader was shown to be incredibly angry at this display and told him to leave. And then the Heist Leader’s girlfriend is revealed to be a stripper and his big revenge plan was to get Sheriff to have sexual intercourse with his girlfriend. What am I even watching? Like, did anyone, ANYONE, in this film production take even five seconds of rational thought when writing this part of the script and scenarios? Clearly, even five seconds of rational thought is too much for Americans.

Someone fire whoever wrote this crap. Why is everything that Hollywood writes regarding women prior to the half-assed “strong woman” crap that was spewed as a result of cultural outcry from #MeToo only involving women in roles as trippers, ballet dancers, or fashion models? Do the screen writers at Hollywood not realize that women can be doctors, nurses, lawyers, politicians, and so on? And for those who want to defend this drivel, why the fuck do we only get compelling female narratives from stories either adapted from books or outside of Hollywood? The source is always outside of Hollywood screenplays, unless they’re Quentin Tarantino, but Quentin Tarantino was inspired by the superior Japanese culture when he made Kill Bill. It’s clear the “strong woman” shitfest is a half-assed attempt by Hollywood to make-up for what was a complete lack of treating women like human beings in film. They still don’t know how to do it. Perhaps they never will. This film reminds me of why I shouldn’t bother with Hollywood crap.

Project Adam (Netflix)

This film got so melodramatic and boring that I just stopped watching it. There’s no real plot. The time traveling MC vaguely mentions the future being like terminator and the main villain makes no sense since she’s trying to maintain a legacy, but we’re expected to believe the world of the future is similar to Skynet wiping out most of humanity. Even if they were depressed about their lack of a life, why the fuck would anyone let killer robots rule the world? How the fuck would that build any sort of legacy, other than being compared to people like Hitler and Stalin? Like wow, not even five seconds of rational thought for any part of this crapfest. Do not watch.

      Green Snake (2021) on Netflix

I hadn’t known this film was a sequel when I randomly watched it. I watched it in the original Mandarin. It was excellent. Do yourself a favor and go watch this excellent PG-13 film from the superior East Asian culture. No spoilers.

Master on Amazon Prime

The problem with this film is the stupid dialogue. Literally all but one scene becomes black people experiencing Whites being awkward. The film is also incredibly pretentious with this, such as a class where a pearl is noted for being White to symbolize purity by a Black freshman and the White classmates are all awkwardly silent. Except . . . this makes perfect sense in the context of the cultural background and even high schools have discussions on such a point. This just isn’t a realistic portrayal of a college classroom. Not every encounter between Black and White people is about walking on eggshells. Holy shit, what an awfully stupid film. If you want something intelligent and more realistic in awkward interactions, go watch Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” as that is fantastic.

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