A Farewell to 2021 and a glance at the few books I read this Year:

I had hoped to get one of the Nocturne Analyses done by now, but I’m going through many life changes and I unfortunately can’t finish them up prior to the end of this year. This year has gone by so fast for me with so many major life-changes, that I’m honestly quite shocked by how fast the year seems to have gone and how so much has changed in such a short-time for me. I wish I could say I will be writing more blog posts, but there are so many video games to play, books to read, and the most major, time-consuming aspect of my life has taken a greater amount of my time. I’m speaking of this fantasy novel concept and outline that I keep writing, revising, and generating new ideas for; I will not be done with it for a while and before I even release it, I want to write and complete two “test-run” fantasy novels to gauge my strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, they have to take priority, because I really want to self-publish a fantasy novel before the end of next year. So, if you don’t see any new posts from me, please know that is what I’m up to when I’m not playing video games, reading books, or watching streaming shows. As I’ve progressed through writing this concept, it’s only taken more of my time and seems to have grown a life of its own that I feel I really must write down or risk losing it all. Other than that, I bought a house with the generous help of my parents and had to work on building so much furniture because COVID-19 regulations mean people are far less likely to build it for you and getting companies to hire workers to build it for you is more expensive than ever before. So, I’ve been very busy. Anyway, here are the finished and unfinished books I’ve read this year before I grew despondent and then actively made a change in my life to get closer to the life I wanted for myself with the help and encouragement of others:

Year 2021

Infamous Lady: The True Story of Countess Erzsébet Báthory: Second Editon by Kimberly Craft

The Curse of God by Harris Sultan

Sexual Abuse of Power in the Black Church by Donald H. Matthews PHD

In Search of Dracula by Raymond T. McNally and Radu Florescu

Miracleman Issues 1 – 16 by Alan Moore, Mick Anglo, and Catherine Yronwode

The Myth of the Dying Church – Glenn T. Stanton

Religion is Dying – James A. Haught


11 Chapters of Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson (I tried yet another chapter to give it one last chance and gave-up. The Worldbuilding is trash)

18 issues of Immortal Hulk by Al Ewing (Couldn’t get into it after awhile because side characters started referencing events like dying 2-3 times in the past or moving from one organization to another that I had no context for)


Overall, my most important takeaway, is to never force myself to read two books at a time; I will burn out more quickly and then never finish my self-given quota. Live and learn. Hah. I think, considering pros and cons, this was actually a really great year for me. I hope the next year is even better. 🙂

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