In Celebration of the release of Shin Megami Tensei V tomorrow, here’s a bunch of images of all of my MegaTen Merch

The Japanese Paypal message is my purchase of the ticket for the SMT Nocturne music Concert. The fangamer purchase was of the Demifiend shirt they have on their website. The other stuff is unofficial fan-made merch that I purchased or that I had custom made. I own digital copies P1, P2 IS-EP, P5 PS3, and even of the PS2 Classics version of DDS1-2 and Nocturne (got those at a discount since I already owned the physical copies). Also, since I preordered the Deluxe copies of Nocturne HD Remaster on every platform available for myself and bought either the base or Deluxe version for a few friends; I went ahead and ordered the Japanese Collector’s for Nocturne after it was conclusively proven there was no physical preorder bonus. I’m miffed we didn’t at least get the Akasha Monthly booklet translated since it was Hijiri’s perspective on Nocturne’s events. Oh! And I have the music demo disc of SMTIV and the Devil Survivor 1 Artbook that came out in the West, but they were in storage at the time I made pictures of all of that content. Anyway, this probably doesn’t compare to a few people I know who own every physical piece of media of MegaTen. I just thought I’d share mine. I’ve also purchased the Magatama Necklace via a Japanese shipping distributor and I’ll probably purchase the 1:1 Demi-fiend statue in the future as I wanted to make a shrine to it, but we’ll see.

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