Nassau County Votes to Impose Caste-System Hierarchy in the United States by Making Police a Protected Status in Human Rights Law

I don’t usually talk about local laws, especially those close to where I live, but wow was this beyond the dumbest possible things I’ve ever read passing and seen supported by local Police Unions, who prove they don’t have a clear understanding of the US Constitution that they claim to be defending. As expected of typical dumbass Westerners and American Exceptionalism in egregious stupidity.

Joshua Lafazan of the 18th district of the Nassau County Legislature located in Syosset, is clearly not mentally competent enough to be running as legislature. The fact a bill that makes police a protected class in Nassau’s local human rights law passed at all is proof that the majority are clearly too incompetent to be running local legislature in Nassau County because it makes no sense to me that such a bill doesn’t violate the First Amendment of the US Constitution once made into law. It remains to be seen whether County Executive Laura Curran is just as incompetent as her county legislature. This is a form of Neo-Casteism because it’s giving legal privileges and protections to a job class that fulfills duties within a society and being held above scrutiny by the lower and less privileged of society. It’d be comparable to ancient India’s Warrior Caste fulfilling protection duties and gaining privileges within the society and only being held accountable by the people above them in authority like the Priests and Kings instead of the regular farmers. That may seem like an oversimplification, but it’s not. Much of the Caste-based laws varied by local villages, so a local town doing this is even more of a parallel to ancient Caste impositions. I say that as a Hindu. I’d recommend all people from Nassau County to call or email Laura Curran’s office in droves and demand that she not sign into local law a bill that clearly violates the US Constitution. How can people peacefully provide a petition for government redress, if police can now sue protesters as a protected status? I don’t understand how that makes sense. Perhaps there is some US Judge who will make a mockery of the law and further destroy US Constitutional protections because Western Barbarians are so incompetent. Who knows? The fact this bill even passed in the legislature is proof that Westerners of Nassau County are too stupid on a local level to effectively run a democracy.

The credibility of US democracy is now finished thanks to Joshua Lafazan, who clearly was never competent enough to understand his duties in office and has embarrassed his local community, New York State, and his country with his brainless actions. Oh, and by the way, thanks for making it clear that there is no longer any good reason to respect the Nassau Police force that’s collectively too stupid to understand the laws that they claim to enforce. You have no idea the depth of how stupid Nassau County Police look in the eyes of the entire country now. Congratulations on supporting a Bill that doesn’t comport to the US Constitution, you dumbasses. And by the way, that isn’t an insult, because you’re genuinely too stupid to understand US Law, so it is only fair to collectively call the Nassau County Police as a bunch of dumbasses who don’t deserve any respect from anyone, ever. And if you have a problem with that, sue me for the crime of advocating my First Amendment Rights, you Nassau County Police dumbasses.

I use to think Nassau County was a place filled with intelligent people; clearly, I was mistaken as this county legislature teaches at the college that I graduated from, so clearly Joshua Lafazan obtained influence that he doesn’t have the intellectual depth to back-up. I was obviously mistaken on the intelligence level of the general area there. They’re now imposing Neo-Casteism and calling it societal progress. That’s hilariously stupid.

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