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Mild Spoilers for the beginning half in this review, but they’re not the major ones. 

I don’t know how to feel about this film. I didn’t like any of the characters, the majority of it is incredibly boring, and the dialogue is merely adequate and not all that interesting. Honestly, most of it was forgettable until the plot twist which helped solidify the film as a really engaging puzzle piece exploring parallel worlds. That’s great and all, but wow is most of this film boring up until the last 30 minutes. The last thirty minutes elevates this movie into a 4 out of 5, otherwise I was prepared to give it a 2 / 5 rating. The dialogue in the beginning helps as set-up to provide foundation for the ambiguous events of the story. Most of the story is based on false assumptions about how the parallel universes converge and when the stated plot twist is revealed, it is still left up to ambiguity for the viewers whether it is more than just leaving the house, but rather observance itself. The Director and writers certainly intrigued viewers into a re-watch to better understand and explore the concept of parallel worlds. Unfortunately, I just didn’t like any of the characters enough, I never found them believable, and I hate some of the camera work that seemed like shaky cam. The petty squabbles were boring to me and I didn’t care about them seeing their parallel selves early on. The conflict doesn’t really become intriguing or fully explore until the last thirty minutes, but the last thirty minutes definitely elevate it.

I can’t go into the details without spoiling it, but needless to say, there’s quite a puzzle to question by the end. I enjoyed the last thirty minutes so much that I am feeling intrigued to re-watch the film . . . if not for the fact I don’t like any of the characters with maybe some indifference towards the main character, Em and total dislike for the rest of the cast. If you like fully exploring parallel universes, I definitely recommend this film. What happens at the end is such an intriguing exploration of the concept and I love that the main character decided to take full advantage of the parallel world opportunity to exploit it to their benefit, but the cast is so boring otherwise and I just didn’t care for any of the other conflicts throughout it. The ending certainly makes you think and I can’t say much else without risking spoilers. Definitely go in blind like I did to watch this film or it’ll be ruined for you. Overall, I’d give it a 4 / 5, but only because of the exploration of the concept in the last thirty minutes. Without that, this would have been your typical low-budget and shoddily made film because it has only one incredibly intriguing idea explored throughout the entire film but otherwise it kind of sucks as a film at the same time.

All that said, these past three films that I’ve watched and reviewed was based on a google recommended article from the website Thrillist, and I decided on a whim to watch a few, and I can say that so far, I’ve enjoyed each of the recommendations that I’ve seen. So, perhaps some of you may want to check this Thrillist article out too.

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