Sal Romano, Founder of Gematsu, espousing Anti-Trans hatred in Rival website, Niche Gamer

Previously, Gematsu made a very big stink out of Niche Gamer plagiarizing their web content. Evidently that didn’t stop the astute businessman and Founder of Gematsu, Sal Romano, from using their website to espouse his personal anti-Trans hatred and bigotry on the review of Nocturne HD Remaster, which he admits in the comments had nothing to do with his anti-Trans views as he himself specifies it is off-topic from the discussion of Nocturne HD Remaster’s game content:

Further proof in case he tries to delete his comments:

7 thoughts on “Sal Romano, Founder of Gematsu, espousing Anti-Trans hatred in Rival website, Niche Gamer

  1. That’s not actually Sal, it’s a puppet account made to mock him, and you fell for its deception. If you visit its Niche Gamer profile, you can access its other comments, two of which blithely refer to itself as a fake Sal, and Sal himself is fairly heavily on record for leftist beliefs incl. transgender support.

      • The video proves nothing except that any troll can create an account with somebody else’s picture and name. Visit Sal’s twitter. He celebrated Biden’s election, posted about his vaccination – an anti transgender individual would not be so public about such views and actions. I could create an account with your name, and even imitate some of your language, but that wouldn’t make me you, just as the Niche Gamer account has nothing to do with the actual Sal. I myself am transgender and can sniff out most instances of legitimate transphobia. This fake Sal is nothing more than a troll imitating him, not the real deal. :/

        • Being pro-vaccination doesn’t mean they don’t have anti-Trans views. The account, from what you yourself can see, was listed as community leader. It was vetted.

  2. Having been given “Community Leader” status doesn’t have any bearing on whether or not this is really Sal. It’s not the same thing as “verified” on social media. Someone could create an account named “Harrison Ford” anywhere it doesn’t yet exist and eventually get established in a community with that persona. At some point, the user’s identity in the community becomes a completely separate thing from the actual person the identity was taken from. It happens all the time on message boards and the like.

    • Unless they were successfully able to deceive the verification process related to the community leader title and the real Sal Romano never sued for identity theft, that seems highly implausible.

    • The rules specified for it indicate that isn’t true. It also wouldn’t explain why the person wasn’t sued for identity theft or why the rss feed matches Gematsu’s articles written by Sal Romano.

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