Invincible Review: Omni-man Did Nothing Wrong

Omni-man is well and truly the hero that humanity deserves. As a Viltrumite capable of living like a God among us filthy mortals, he sees humanity for what it truly is. His only mistake was not properly educating his son on the filth of humanity and having mercy for the filthy, disgusting human animals that vomit and shit all over their own environment creating endless disaster upon disaster while warring, raping, and robbing from each other.

Thus, it is only fitting that aliens with godlike powers should conquer humanity and improve it. What is Mark Grayson even really fighting for? How can anyone trust the idiotic beliefs of a wannabe-superhero who is still in high school? His father has lived for thousands of years and knows exactly how to make humans respect their betters. In the same way that nobody really cares about righting the wrongs of slavery, the Native American genocide, the British genocides of Ireland and India and Tasmania, and how nobody does anything about the situation in the Central African Republic nor are we of the US any closer to ending the Taliban or Al Qaeda after 20 years of war in Afghanistan; will anyone really care after they take over or will humans start praising them for being the “revealed truth” and “morally good” after killing millions just like how murderers and rapists like Moses and his people are praised for being righteous despite genocide and war rape? The fact is that Nolan Grayson is right. We’re like a bunch of stupid children incapable of improving ourselves, pissing all over everything in a gigantic mess, and needing gentle guidance. Mark Grayson is the true villain. He should have appreciated what his father said more and respected his parental and omnipotent authority. We human filth need some culling and cleansing if our betters suggest it is the objectively good thing to do.

I mean, really? What are the moral standards of humanity anyway? Even just this month, the US went from saying countries shouldn’t prioritize their countries first to telling India they wanted to prioritize the US first up until backlash made the Biden administration change their mind. So, if superpowered aliens were to come and conquer us, what do we really have to lose? They’d be offering better medical facilities to prevent viruses like COVID-19. You don’t want another pandemic, do you? The fact is, Omni-man has a natural right to kill whoever he wants and for whatever reason because he’s more powerful and intelligent than we’ll ever be. If anything, he’s just saving the planet by culling the weak so the rest don’t starve from hunger. Oh but uhhh he destroyed Chicago and killed people! Like, we humans don’t bomb entire cities and kill each other on whims or even on baseless rumors like the US bombing of the Sudanese medical facility under Bill Clinton? What arrogance we have to say that the Viltrumites are wrong! The Viltrumites are exactly like us, but superior in intellect, power, and they live much longer. This is merely the natural order of both the world and the universe. If Viltrumites want to conquer humanity, humans have a moral obligation to peacefully submit and accept whatever cleansing they wish to do to depopulate us so that we filthy human savages are no longer a danger to ourselves.

And if you believe in a god or afterlife, just rationalize it as meeting the afterlife sooner. Some of you believe that you’ll “live forever” after you die, right? Keep clinging to that delusion. 😊

Oh, and Invincible Season 1 on Amazon Prime gets a 10 / 10 from me.

8 thoughts on “Invincible Review: Omni-man Did Nothing Wrong

  1. It is very telling about what little integrity you lack that you think it’s okay for an alien species to come to earth and dominate us just because they’re “superior”. This is the same kind of mentality that dictators and fascists all throughout history have used to justify war and genocide. But it’s good to know people like you will roll over and give up in the face of tyranny.

    • We can’t use terms like dictators and fascists with Aliens. They’re literally Aliens. We need to be more accepting of their alien culture and alien values. You don’t want to be racist, do you? 🙂

    • Integrity has nothing to do with it.

      Human logic does not apply to aliens. Nazism in humans was bad because nazi thought themselves to be better, despite being the same. However, the history is written by the winners, so if nazis WERE better and had superpowers, they’d simply wipe out the opposition and remade the world according to their image. And their vision of the world would become the truth and commonly accepted morality.

      Same deal goes with aliens. Omniman is not deluding himself thinking that he is superior, he IS unquestionably superior to mankind. He is also using the morals of his own race where it is “the strong rule, the weak obey”. They’re individualistic, and it worked for them very well, so he has no reason to doubt his own beliefs.

      When you have beliefs, you better have strength to back the beliefs with. As Roosevelt said “speak softly and carry a big stick”. Fail to do so, and someone with different beliefs will come buy and destroy you and your system of values. And in case of Omniman, humanity has nothing to counter Omniman with.

      • It’s also odd for people to even use human logic against literal aliens. Their species is different, even if they can procreate with humans. Assuming they’re evil from the get-go would be ignorance and yet people seem to fall into this trap.

  2. I disagree with every bullshit thing you said in this blog. Omni man killed innocent men, women and children and he said his wife means nothing to him. Omni man did a lot of wrong things. He is irredeemable.

    • Omni-man is literally an alien though! For all we know, what he did could be a sign of respect or endearment in his alien culture. And in fact, he’s trying to improve humanity while humans squabble and kill our own innocents all the time. So if anything, Omni-man is respecting our primitive human ways when he kills people.

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