Eren Jeager Did Nothing Wrong: In Defense of Attack on Titan’s Greatest Crusader

I’m unashamed to admit that Chapters 131 – 134 brought me to tears . . .

Eren’s journey and development throughout Attack on Titan (AoT) has blown me away. What we all thought would be some story about a generic protagonist killing Titans has become so much more. The last few chapters, particularly chapters 131 – 134, truly epitomize AoT in my opinion.

What truly blew me away was Eren’s compassion for the people of Marley and for the Eldian refugees! Truly, such compassion hasn’t been known since the time of Vlad Dracula; when he got rid of poverty of the homeless and the suffering of the handicap by inviting all the homeless and handicap to a palace of his one night to burn the palace down with them inside it so they’d no longer have to suffer poverty or discrimination for being handicapped or homeless again. Likewise, Eren Jeagar is a hero for getting rid of all the poverty and discrimination that Eldian refugees face while in Marley. My heart lifted and I wept tears of joy as I saw Eren Jeager swallow down any of his animosity so he could walk the path of fixing the social injustices foisted upon the Eldian refugees, stepping over the racial hierarchies of Marley to stamp out the racism between Eldians and Marleyans, and gradually march towards a world without racism against his Eldian people, especially those living in Paradis Island.

Who among you can claim that Eren Jeager has not permanently ended poverty, discrimination, and suffering for people in Marley and across the world? Who among you can deny that he has trampled over racial adversity and treads towards a world where there’ll be no more poverty or discrimination for Eldian refugees in Marley? None, I say! And if they claim such, then they speak falsely! In fact, when I see Eren Jeager, I see a true Christian in action just like Vlad Dracula, Christopher Columbus, Hernan Cortes, King Leopold II of Belgian, or the British Crown’s rule of Ireland, Tasmania, and India.

Eren Jeager epitomizes everything that is Jesus Christ in AoT through his actions; his actions are godly in nature and reflect the true teachings of Christianity. Eren treaded a path blessing all those people to heaven as can be seen in some of their final, touching moments. He sent all those eternal souls to heaven. We should all celebrate Eren Jesus Jeager Christ! Eren the Christ! Eren Christ! Eren is the true Messiah of Attack on Titan! 🙂

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