Toradora! was an awful anime: Why I couldn’t help but drop it early. (Netflix)

This is by far one of the silliest and most boring piece of shit anime that I’ve ever had the displeasure to endure. I had thought it would be a fun little romcom with some decent character development and for the most part it was; I liked Taiga and Ryuji. The plot set-up for getting them hooked with different partners who happened to be the other’s best friend seemed solid enough as a premise. Of course, this would mean they eventually fell for each other and so on and so forth. But I didn’t mind that. Unfortunately, the side characters were a huge problem for me. There was one exceptional and pleasing side character: Kawashima Ami, who – unlike the “best friend” characters – had a personality, a life outside of the main characters, and her own social problems that she was working on. They try to present her as an opposite to the redhead best friend character, but unfortunately for the writers, I ended-up liking Ami more because . . . she actually had a fucking personality.

The best friend character of Kitamura is a nothing character. What are his likes and dislikes? How did he and Ryuji become best friends? Why doesn’t he let Taiga confess to him? Perhaps these all get explained later; but him showing up, smiling, and being “responsible” felt more like a stock, cardboard prop needing to conduct the motions that the plot required rather than an actual person.

However, none of that comes close to the absolute worst character who is the primary reason I couldn’t stand watching Toradora and have to drop it. This fucking awful thing:

Minori Kushieda is an abomination to humanity. I can’t recall the last time that I’ve hated a side character this much. How the fuck are her and Taiga even friends? Taiga actually has a personality and seems like a good character for one. This abominable stain on the glorious medium of anime constantly acts like a fucking 4-year old in all of her shitty interactions. Even her “secret” admitted to Ryuji during the summer trip, where audiences are expected to get a deeper probing of a character’s personality, ends-up broadcasting her dedication to being a stand-in for a frickin’ 4-year old while somehow being expected to be a believable high school girl. I’m sorry, but no. This abomination to humanity has all the trappings of a shitty Western star-pixie dream girl stereotype wrapped up into a side character who then cannot speak a single sentence that a replacement average 4-year old would be expected to say; it was so awful that I forgot whenever it was I dropped this anime so I wouldn’t have to endure this awful character. Checking back, I stopped watching after finishing Episode 10. I just couldn’t stand Kushieda any further. Her mannerisms and attitude make her seem like a damn toddler and I couldn’t take it seriously as a highschool romance. It had nothing to do with her physical depiction and everything to do with her non-existent personality. They try to make it seem as if this piece of shit is somehow deep and meaningful by staying constantly “positive” but they’re using other characters reactions to forcefeed a one-note character as having some deep personality, instead of showing her having any complexity whatsoever. And I know they can do better, because we have actual good side characters like Ami.

This anime gets a 0/10 because Minori Kushieda is an unbearable piece of shit character. I do not recommend Toradora at all to anyone.

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  1. The reason people like Minorin is because she provided a contrast from Taiga and Ami. Instead of being mean to everyone, she stepped out and was the positive one of the group. She gets character development later on, so YOU can miss out on a great show. (also your take was absolute shit lol)

  2. I finished watching this last night. Was checking reviews to see if anyone else hated this piece of shit character. You are absolutely right about everything. Do not listen to anyone who tells you she gets development later on. She doesn’t. She only gets worse. This bitch is more two-faced than early Ami. Started hating her when she scolded Ryuuji for not knowing that Taiga’s dad was an ass. Something he had no way of knowing and she herself fell for. She doesn’t even have the decency of telling him because that is the piece of shit friend she is.

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