Hardcore Gaming 101: The Unofficial Guide of Shin Megami Tensei and Persona Kindle edition by Kurt Kalata is an unreadable disappointment

Proof I purchased the book to read it on my Kindle:

Unfortunately, the $9.99 ebook edition is unusable and unreadable on Kindle. It seems as if they just scanned the physical copy onto a PDF file and then charged nearly ten dollars for it without taking even a few seconds of their time to check how it functioned on a Kindle. After my Kindle was forced to reset itself for the fourth time just trying to open the Hardcore Gaming 101 ebook, the ebook itself barely functioned and when trying to switch pages I only really had an option to enlarge what was clearly the entire ebook in a picture format. Switching pages was a chore and I feared it would result in a fifth reset since the functionality was very slow on my Kindle. I suppose this is a case of Buyer Beware; thankfully, Amazon was nice enough to refund me my money for this purchase. If you’re curious about this book, it is in your best interests to get the physical edition. If some of you would like to argue that I could always use my computer to read it, I purchased this with the expectation that it would run on Kindle and there was no warning that it would not do so. All the warning said was that there would be a lengthy download time and not that it was essentially unusable on Kindle:

I may have been curious about the physical copy before this experience, but I have lost interest as of now.

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