The claim that 43.5 Percent of India doesn’t want a neighbor of a different race is unsupported by the WVS data

I recently decided to research survey data for a counterpoint to the Ex-Mu$lim $cam activism, and found data from the Hindustan website that I recall reading about on the Washington Post before it became a “pay-to-read” gated online community for the wealthy. Here is what it mentioned:

I decided to look through the actual data set of World Values Survey from its 2010 – 2014 full report and here is what I found to my astonishment:

So where did this claim that 43.5 percent of India didn’t want a neighbor of another racial background come from, if the original data of 2010 – 2014 doesn’t support it?

Well, it seems this claim was taken up a further notch of sophistry, because the Wikipedia article claiming a 2016 survey provided a new 25.6 percent data, which is actually in the original 2010-2014 dataset, links to the above 2010-2014 survey and not any 2016 survey. In fact the next survey doesn’t even have India within its listed countries and doesn’t even claim to have done any surveys in 2016:

The Survey list:

The Wikipedia article on the surveys doesn’t lead to any 2016 Survey, it doesn’t appear to exist:

As it turns out, this claim that 43.5 percent of Indians of India don’t want a neighbor of another racial background seems to have been complete bullshit created by the seemingly incompetent Western Journalist Max Fisher or WVS screwed-up its data like it did with Taiwan and Bangladesh and didn’t publicize the corrected data regarding India:

Oh, and here’s a list of the far more reputable Pew Research organization and their evaluation of racial attitudes towards minorities from the so-called enlightened Western world of Western Europe:

Website Links for the Sources for all of the above:

Wikipedia Article on Racism in India

Hindustan Times Article

Washington Post Article by Max Fisher 

2010 – 2014 World Values Survey 

2017 – 2020 World Values Survey

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