My One Piece Fan Speculation on Future Chapters, The One Piece, and my thoughts on the True Name of the Ancient Great Kingdom

I’ve been looking through several fan theories and I wanted to give my own speculation after re-reading a few chapters, several fan theories online, and thinking over the plot of One Piece. I’ll start with theories I’m least sure of first and then move onto the ones I spent more time pondering over. I know it’s really arrogant and I doubt any of this is true; I suppose I’m just trying to kill time to avoid focusing on how worthless and joyless life feels for me nowadays; I’m likely not the only one who feels like life’s been so disappointing to them so making any complaints is just censured as whining so in the end I’m left with the dismal, negative thinking. I’m pretty sure most of what I come-up with will be laughed at as completely stupid and worthless like my entire life.

Here are the One Piece speculative theories I’ve come-up with, if perhaps you just want a good laugh at nonsense, feel free to read:


Sabo’s supposed death is a red-herring

The news of Sabo and the Revolutionaries attacking the Marines is a red-herring to distract away from two events:

  1. This first one requires a bit of explanation to preemptively deal with potentially valid complaints. Jewelry Bonney is in the Celestial Dragon’s home, the Domain of the Gods, and likely to resurrect the Rocks Pirate Captain Rocks D. Xebec who Sengoku says is “no longer of this world” but not specifically dead. Given the details of the Garp and Roger tag team against the Rocks Pirates, it is plausible that Garp was forced to do the idiotic Celestial Dragons bidding after the fight since they were the ones being protected and instead of Garp killing the Rocks Captain, Xebec was enslaved by the Celestial Dragons for all these years under the Celestial Dragon’s orders. This may have also been the reason that convinced Garp not to become an Admiral, because he had to follow stupid orders by vindictive, petulant “Gods” instead of doing the intelligent act and killing the threat of the Rocks Captain. The Rocks Pirate captain is likely enslaved just like Kuma to be made an example out of (since he didn’t find the One Piece like Roger, there’s no reason for immediate execution) and perhaps Bonney may actually “see” Im-Sama before or during her attempt at aiding the Rocks Captain Xebec. This is why Xebec is being foreshadowed so heavily. Moreover, I’m of the opinion the original fan theory about the Rocks Pirates is on point. I think the Will of Xebec is a similar case to the Will of Roger; the descendent of Xebec didn’t inherit his will just as the descendent of Roger didn’t inherit Roger’s will. I’m of the opinion we keep falling into a trap as readers of “bloodline = inherited will” because the Will of D. is specifically about a clan that we don’t know too much of. I think Shanks may actually be Xebec’s biological son; so Shanks asking the Gorosei about a “certain pirate” was him asking about his own father because he’s worried about the consequences because of the history of Xebec we now know about. Shanks may not trust himself to carry on Roger’s legacy or finish what Roger started because of who his father is and perhaps personal fears of becoming similar to him. This would further create an interesting dichotomy between Shanks and Marshal D. Teach since Blackbeard carries the Will of Shanks’s father. As others pointed out, Blackbeard’s ship is called “Saber of Xebec” which implies he carries Xebec’s will; just as Luffy is implied to carry Gol D. Roger’s Will while Portgas D. Ace, who was Roger’s biological son, didn’t carry it. Carrying someone’s Will is implied to be more of a choice than restricted to bloodline. Regardless, Jewelry Bonney is in the Celestial Dragon homeland – which is considered another plane of existence – and she may restore the Rocks Pirate Captain back to his prime.


  1. Vivi is dead, not King Cobra or Sabo. The Gorosei bowed and asked “What light do you want extinguished from the world?” after Im-Sama cut up pictures of Shiraihoshi, Luffy, and Blackbeard. The picture that he held onto was Vivi, he probably instructed the Gorosei to have Vivi killed immediately because she and her father were asking questions pertaining to the void century and they may be wary of Vivi gaining access to Pluton. The “incident” of trying to rescue Kuma was a deliberate lie in the newspaper because the Gorosei obviously can’t have it revealed that they arbitrarily decided to murder an heir to the throne of a Kingdom for no explicable reason. Vivi was never charged with helping pirates or for any crime whatsoever so they probably orchestrated her death as quick and clean as possible. Sabo either saw what was happening and failed to stop it or got pinned for it as a fall guy with the excuse being that they tried to rescue Kuma so that they can create a credible story later since killing Vivi was a necessary last-minute endeavor by Im-Sama. They likely lied about it being two separate events for some undisclosed reason or to obscure the World Government’s connection to Vivi’s assassination. King Cobra, his helpers, and the Revolutionary Army (with or without Sabo) likely fled to Alabasta and are desperate to get there because the World Government is likely seeking to cleanse Alabasta next so that all information pertaining to Pluton dies partly out of desperation because they’re losing so much power already after disbanding the Warlord system. This is likely set-up for the endgame of One Piece with Alabasta Kingdom having Pluton and obvious ties to Luffy made stronger before the final battle which is repeatedly foreshadowed to be a global war.

There Will Be More Cannibalism . . . The Next Time by Luffy Specifically

Big Mom’s backstory was possibly made to help explain to readers how Blackbeard acquired the Tremor Tremor no Mi from Whitebeard, but it may have also been done to foreshadow a grim event in the future. Luffy will use a similar means as Blackbeard to acquire a Devil Fruit, and we already have the foreshadowing of it with Luffy eating a Dragon that he and Zoro defeated at Punk Hazard. This leaves two possibilities: Luffy might eat his own father, Monkey D. Dragon or he might eat Kaido who has a mythical Zoan fruit. Given the comedic joke about Luffy eating Momonosuke upon their first meeting, I think it implies that to beat Kaido, Luffy will have to eat him instead of Trafalgar Law doing a surgery to get rid of Kaido’s immortality. Also, I think the recent Bounty reveals are an attempt to deliberately confuse readers. Most people would expect the weaker bounty Yonko to be taken down first, but I think it’ll be the opposite and this follows along with how Oda has built the story. Gol D. Roger died first and he had the highest bounty, then Edward Newgate died, and I think the trajectory will follow in the same way for the defeat of each Yonko. Therefore, I suspect Kaido will probably die first at Wano, then Big Mom as some fans speculated that her death will be at Elbaf and probably around the time that she learns the horrible truth of what she did on her sixth birthday, and then something will happen to Shanks (whether involving Luffy or not), and then Luffy will probably face Blackbeard at Raftel.

Luffy’s biological Mother and Grandmother

This portion is honestly just my imagination running wild and I can’t seem to leave this thought alone, so I decided to share it for the sake of it. I doubt it is true at all. Luffy’s biological family seems to always be in different political faction separate from him:

Monkey D. Garp: Marine

Monkey D. Dragon: Revolutionary

Monkey D. Luffy: Pirate

Now, people have speculated that Dragon may have a tragic backstory with Luffy’s mom being a former slave or perhaps a Celestial Dragon herself, but I feel like we should suspect some crazy surprise. When Oda described Luffy’s mother, he actually described Dadan and we didn’t actually get any information on his biological mother. Well, who is to say that his biological mother even cared about him? Perhaps she, like Dragon, had her own goals opposed to Dragon’s and decided to give-up on trying to be a family because of her strong beliefs and dream goals. Perhaps this is why Garp never told Luffy anything about his biological parents up until after the Enies Lobby arc. I keep thinking there’s something suspicious about a certain character already introduced. She could have easily been replaceable with Kalifa when she was first introduced and I find it suspicious that her age isn’t known at all. Granted, Kalifa would have only had 2 years to build a spy network to make nice with Big Mom, but given that it was only to get a box of sea treasure, I don’t see why Kalifa wouldn’t have fit into the role.

For some odd reason, I just can’t shake the possibility of Stussy from CP-0 of being Luffy’s mother. So then, it would be:

Grandfather: Marine Hero

Father: Leader of the Revolutionaries

Son: Future Pirate King

Mother: CP-0 / Empress of the Underworld

What’s left? I think Monkey D. Dragon’s name is an indication and foreshadowing in and of itself, I hedge my bets that the unknown person who told Im-Sama the World Nobles were coming is Luffy’s grandmother:

Grandmother: Celestial Dragon

Again, pure conjecture on my part.

The Name and History of the Ancient Great Kingdom

I’m probably wrong about this theory, but this thought came to me as I looked back on the Manga chapters of Robin’s past and various fan theories about the Void Century. Why would simply the name of something from 800 years ago spark such fear in the World Government, that they want everything associated with the Great Kingdom buried forever with no one knowing about it? As many others who explore this theory have pointed out, it cannot simply be a history where the 20 Kingdoms united to brutally conquer the Great Kingdom through violent, imperialistic means which caused poverty, disease, devastation, or even genocide in order to unite the World Government. It has to be something astronomically worse than an imperialistic history since they wipe out entire civilizations like Ohara to nothing and are willing to slaughter civilians entirely to get the job done. The World Government is even implied to have the power to make entire islands vanish like God Valley in order to keep its secrets from being known. Obviously, the name of the Kingdom has to be well-known in the public consciousness for it to still strike an extreme reaction. Many have speculated that it is the Will of D., but that doesn’t quite fit since the Will of D. seems to have a checkered presence where only a select few know of its full details. Others have speculated the ancient kingdom’s name is Mary Geoise since it must be a well-known name and there’s evidence that suggests Mary Geoise was once a battleground. I don’t think that is it though.

As others have mentioned, one of the persistent themes of One Piece are about freedom versus slavery; Freedom is associated with the Will of D., adventure, strength, and living as you want while the slavery metaphor is explicit in the case of virtually anything related to the Celestial Dragons and keeping “forbidden” knowledge out of the hands of the public. Now, this may sound bizarre, but I’m beginning to wonder if any of the One Piece characters were ever actually different “races” due to the Jinbei and Luffy blood transfusion event and the emotional history associated with it in conjunction with Joyboy’s promise on the poneglyph in Merman Island arc. The two and the other “races” like Tontatta, Giants, Minks, and so on may all actually be one race, but with different “ethnicities” pertaining to peculiar physical capabilities and qualities they each have respectively. Given Joyboy’s promise and the fact the ideology of the Great Kingdom was part of what the World Government hoped to totally wipe out; the aftermath of the Great Kingdom’s collapse being a global government system that imposes slavery on all “races” with no real distinction apart from being lesser than the Celestial Dragons, it’s possible that the reason the 20 Kingdoms took down the Great Kingdom was to maintain slavery. Slavery which still persists and which everyone is unanimously pissed off about as shown several times over with Luffy punching a Celestial Dragon, Doflamingo’s backstory, and even within the Reverie Arc itself with what nearly happened to Shirahoshi. If the fan theory about the All-Blue is correct about the ancient weapons being used to create Sanji’s dream of the All-Blue to unite the oceans (and it seems to be correct judging from the clues such as the Noah ship meant to destroy Fishmen Island), then the historic portion of the theory may also be true (with clues such as the space outfits of the Celestial Dragons serving as foreshadowing). The Celestial Dragons ancestors probably conquered the world from space using those space robots that Enel found and sold the lie about creating the world possibly during the formation of the World Government with the help of the 20 Kingdoms. Alternatively. it’s possible the Celestial Dragons were already living as Kings among the 20 Kingdoms already or just allied with them. Irrespective of the finer details that we’re not privy to yet, they likely used a lot of trickery such as deceiving the easily credulous Tontatta tribes, threatening to kill hostages, and then probably lying about peace terms during the Great Kingdom’s surrender before wiping them all out. I think there’s ample evidence the World Government did this to everyone they could find from the Great Kingdom given how they lie and buster call literally any whiff of the Void Century and anyone who attacks a Celestial Dragon. The theory that the Will of D. is actually the Donquixote line adds-up if we assume that the Donquixote line felt bad and decided to carry on the legacy as a possible form of regret for their participation or possibly married and reproduced with the last living survivor of the Great Kingdom to carry on the legacy. Moreover, it obviously fits with Homing and Rosinante both smiling before death just as the people with the D initial usually do. Do bloodlines really mean much when carrying the legacy of someone in the One Piece world though? Judging from Roger and his son, Ace, it doesn’t seem to and this misapprehension seems to be the World Government’s mistake. They seem to believe killing off the bloodline is the way to end the issue, but it seems that the Will isn’t “inherited” by bloodline, but by carrying on the ideals. The D. Clan being the natural enemies of God make people automatically assume that D means Devil, but this is wrong in terms of the mythology. The Natural Enemies of God in the Abrahamic mythos of Moses is natural man and not the Devil. Natural man refers to people who live for the sake of their own freedom, freewill, and who love the world more than a commitment to glorifying God. This dichotomy of Natural Man versus God fits with piracy as the driving background and even the stereotype of piracy; pirates are generally interested in material wealth, they selfishly plunder and take what they want, and they don’t care about the consequences such as laws, social customs, or the suffering they bring to others. This may fit with the Donquixote’s reference to the novel Don Quixote, the central ethic of which is said to be the individual being right and the society at large being quite wrong, but the other Straw Hats besides Luffy embody the chivalry aspect of the Don Quixote novel more clearly while Luffy embodies the selfishness and living for his own goals regardless of what society thinks. Whitebeard mentioned that someone would find One Piece and carry on the legacy of history which the World Government fears before his final message that One Piece does exist. We know from flashbacks that Gol D. Roger did share the history of the past with Whitebeard and instead of ending the pirate era, the age of Gol D. Roger gave way to the new age of Whitebeard upon Whitebeard’s passing. We know the Void Century is connected to the One Piece, but not quite to the extent . . .which brings me to this speculation on why the name is so important that the world government had Dr. Clover shot before he could say it.

We assume One Piece has some relation to the Void Century, that it’s probably one of the ancient weapons which is presumably on Raftel, and that using the ancient weapons to create the All-Blue will be the outcome . . . but what if that’s not quite the full picture? We still don’t know the ideology of this Great Empire, but judging from Joyboy’s message and the All-Blue theory likely being credible, it seems they were working on building a society that was trying to quell discrimination against all “races” in the One Piece world. We never see any other government structure besides Monarchs holding absolute power, people always being decimated by pirates when monarchs prove inept, and no other notion of any other type of governance since the World Government itself is a joining of around 170 monarchies. This specific portion is pure speculation on my part, but given the emphasis on individual freedom as a theme, what if this enormous Kingdom wasn’t even a Kingdom or – if it was – the Great Kingdom was transitioning to a more democratic form of government opposed to slavery before the 20 Kingdoms stopped them? It makes sense that it would have massive technological growth as a more democratic country, poneglyphs lamenting not being able to keep a promise for merfolk (possibly providing them with a life of equality with humans) lead credence to this idea, and the focus on freedom in the more general sense as a theme makes more sense for the entire story. If that’s the case, this lost history from 800 years ago really would cause the entire world to be pissed off with the Celestial Dragons and possibly even result in a quarter or half the Marines revolting against the system they had sworn to uphold because the very notion to the broader public that a powerful, safe government was being built where they didn’t have to worry about discrimination, slavery (Celestial Dragons or otherwise), violence from random Pirate attacks, and inept rulers would cause the entire world to revolt in revolution and mass war since everyone had a stake in that. Everyone in the present time of the One Piece world is suffering because of it. The ideology itself would spread like wildfire. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be true, the Great Kingdom could have just been a Kingdom bent toward ending slavery where all people could live more freely. Which brings me to the final point, what if One Piece as a treasure was just a corrupted concept of the name of the Great Kingdom? What if finding One Piece has more to do with the entire story itself regarding Freedom vs Slavery for all “races” in the One Piece World, the ancient history of 800 years ago fulfilling their long forgotten wish, and not just an ancient weapon that they left behind? Is it possible that the name of the Great Kingdom was One Peace?

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