Telltale’s Game of Thrones isn’t worth playing

Game of Thrones Telltale isn’t worth the money. Don’t buy it.

Sorry if this seems like a ramble, I’m just so disappointed with this awful story.

It just isn’t worth paying even the $7 discount that I did. You have no real choices. You’ll get roughly the same awful, stupid ending regardless of what decisions you make.

The decisions are incredibly stupid and incoherent as well. To the point that the story writers have no clear understanding of politics. If Medieval politics was anything like this Telltale game’s politics, then it’s no wonder they were considered the barbarians of the ancient world. Evidently, the Boltons order Whitehills only half of the trees from your family, The Forresters, in the early parts of the game. Yet, the Boltons only attack your family after the Whitehills break the stipulations that the Boltons made. This is a clear violation of their own code of conduct and their own power, but it’s apparently fine to then have a standoff between the two houses to the death. You don’t even have the option of pointing this out to the Boltons. Never mind this would cause a massive rebellion among smaller Houses and the smallfolk for allowing such an atrocity. It would be an insult to any form of stability and the Lannisters own power.

Talking to Cersei makes no sense whatsoever. She asks if you serve the crown or Margery. The question is a stupid one. The uniting of Houses through marriage and being Margery’s handmaiden to attend to her needs is clearly supporting the duties of the crown. They try to play Cersei off as highly intelligent and dangerous, but the entire concept is so stupid because she’s causing idiotic problems for her own family by creating such implicit boundaries. Boundaries which make no sense because the Lannisters need the Tyrells grain and army. Also, if Lannister guards can just be paid off to kill Handmaidens then why would there ever be handmaidens of any sort in King’s Landing?

The plot, when looking into it deeper, is an utter mess. It’s completely terrible with no real coherence or any sort of understanding of real political issues. There is no real difference in the endings beyond which characters show up where. Overall, a complete disappointment.

3/10. Worthless trash. Nothing like the gems of Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead Series.

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