Angel Egg (1985 Anime Film)

Major Spoilers below

This uniquely visualized film explores a what-if concept of the Noah’s Ark story in the Bible.

What if Yahweh decided not to help humanity after the Great Flood and instead let the world die?

In the film, a dove is suppose to inform Yahweh of what happened so that Yahweh begins the next step. However, the Dove, like the people in the ark, turned to stone as a result of the cursed rain. Those that didn’t become stone sunk into madness.

This film is explicitly stated to be open to interpretation but most aspects can be recognized. What cannot be ascertained is whether or not the man holding the Cross has either gone insane by dreaming his interactions with the girl or if he’s building a new form of humanity comprised only of the women who turn into eggs and breed more eggs that create clones of themselves or similar looking young girls with no physical differences.

There seems to be a Moby Dick reference, comprised of soldiers who have gone mad trying to capture and eat fish in a world where all living things except the scant few humans are dead. They constantly throw spears at whale shadows. In one scene, it seems as if they’ve caught a shadow but that presentation may also be a reflection of their madness.

I’m honestly not sure what to rate it, and it does seem to be for audiences who prefer slow, dark, gothic, and potentially depressing content. It is most definitely an acquired taste and only for those who prefer such genres. I watched it blind.

  • Interesting tidbits that I found, although I may be looking too much into this:

Spoilers for Persona 4 and Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon

  • The beginning eye ship seems to have influenced Persona 4’s setting and the designs of Ameno-Sagiri and Shinado. The design of the beginning seems eerily similar to Persona 4’s area where Ameno-Sagiri is fought. The bodies making up parts of the floating eye ship seems reminiscent of several Atlus bosses, in particular, Shinado’s form before his final form, Ancient of Days DLC content of SMT4 may have some semblance of similarity with the concept, and certain bosses from Shin Megami Tensei 2.

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