Gone Girl

This film was one of the most beautiful films that I’ve ever seen. The villain is such a genius; it’s like a type of film that I’ve only dreamed of watching since most of Hollywood is utter garbage. Amy Dunne is such a brilliant character and it’s a shame how the husband ruined her. The husband was a heinous madman to the end. However, the villain is a genius, utilizing stupid people for their benefit, and sadly they got harmed by poor people who robbed them before they were totally successful. Yet, they made it work out in the end. The evil husband got what he deserved in my opinion and the wife was avenged for all the horrible wrongs done to her. If that had been my spouse, I would’ve felt so blessed to be married to them. Indeed, the epitome of innocence and purity. Someone who could challenge and make a spouse better at any moment!

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