Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 (PSP)

Customization: Right from the start you get a very good variety of customization for the character you wish to create, a much more improved formula than the previous game. The classes, while only been giving a couple new ones, have been given a much more improved moveset for all of them overall. Add to the fact this game features downloadable content and more items than the previous game and its a pretty satisfactory recipe.

Gameplay: Superior to it’s predecessor. Much faster attacks, much more accurate attacks, more movesets at your disposal, and more Tales characters making the whole point of the game that much more fun.

Some drawbacks though, certain characters from the old game haven’t really been built up to shape with the speed of this game (Luke). Some of the characters lack a large portion of their moveset (Yuri). A significant amount of characters (Veigue) lack Hi-ougi’s/mystic artes.

I know I’ll get flake for this but I think the way the Hi-ougi’s were made (hitting the opponent, no matter what) creates a much more balanced and fair environment. I mean, who wouldn’t be upset if you pull off your favorite characters mystic arte in a boss battle only to have the entire thing miss?

Recruitment: The new recruitment system is eons better than the first game, where the characters would hate you for no reason. As you progress more into the game, everybody likes you more. The more you use certain Tales characters the more they like you. So yeah, vastly improved in this department.

Story: Let me say, Goede was interesting. But otherwise, I can’t really judge, but from what I got, the story was simply okay. I liked what happens in the end…aside from a certain long drawn out art event, I found it interesting when Goede appeared and when he asks you to help him destroy the world. I wish they had explored that further.

Overall: Good PSP game. 7.5/10.

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