5 Myths about Black America that the Corporate media peddles to divide people by “race” in the United States

Myth 1: The majority of Black Americans are in poverty.

Fact: Black America makes up 25% of welfare recipients. By comparison, White Americans make-up 40% and Hispanics 10%. It’s important to note that absolutely none of this has to do with racial background; it has to do with the numbers of the population and how the government chooses to codify people by racial ancestry.


Myth 2: Black on Black crime is unique among crime statistics.

Fact: Every racial background except one has a higher crime rate within their specific racial background than having violence outside of it. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are all astronomically more likely to be assaulted, raped, or killed by a member of their own racial background than people outside of it. One might wonder why this is, it’s because you’re more likely to be killed by a jealous family member (i.e. people with the same racial background as you) or friend than anyone else in life.

As for the racial background that’s unique in this? Native Americans; they’re more likely to be killed, assaulted, or raped by people outside of their racial background. This is because up until 2012, they had no right to sue their rapists in US court and the media has helped the government ignore the mass rapes happening to them by ex-criminals of all racial backgrounds.


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Myth 3: Black America is more likely to have fatherless children.

Fact: This is a problem for people of all racial backgrounds in the US. Even the highly praised Asian community is seeing the nuclear family slowly erode; the problem seems to be American culture rather than a specific subset of the American people.


Myth 4: There are more Black Men in jail than in college.

Fact: This idiotic bile has been espoused by Liberals – including President Obama to speak of how the US still needs changes and Conservatives to condemn Black America as more prone to crime for their own political schemes via portraying the majority of Black America as some sort of criminal class. This is a completely disgusting and racist perception that has no bearing in reality whatsoever.

The Justice department of 2001 evidently failed in their counting of the actual numbers of Black Americans in college by ignoring the institutions where Black Americans most frequently go to college. Political Scientists have examined the numbers and conducted their own examination to find that for the past 15 years, from 2000 to now, there have been an overwhelming amount of Black Americans in college than there have ever been in jail. The difference in number is approximately 300,000.

Meaning, there have always been at least around 300,000 more Black men in college than in jail.

Which begs the question, why did the US government lie to the public about this? This would have been the perfect success story of what it means to be an American and have American values. Could it perhaps be to continue political controversies for their own agendas?


Myth 5: There are more issues with Black poverty than other people in poverty.

Fact: Native Americans have the worst circumstances in poverty on average. The overemphasis on Black America is to peddle racist narratives and try to make people believe that only Black Americans are poor. Essentially, it’s not one racial group in the poverty zone that is somehow a problem; it is the media focusing on this one particular demographic of lower income Black Americans, ignoring the middle and higher income Black Americans that outnumber them, ignoring the poverty issues of White people in poverty who are facing worsening issues and the grotesque level of apathy for the rape crimes against Native American women, and essentially trying to distract people from the militarization of the police force, weakening hold on the Middle Eastern wars, and the weakening economy.

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