Persuasive Writing: The 80/20 Solution

I cannot fathom why anyone would spend their own money to market this book for $2.99. Seriously? The author has no understanding of marketing and competition. You can finish this book in five minutes of reading and all this author does is make utterly worthless suggestions on how to frame each paragraph to connect them. For example, creating the main purpose of an article, then writing a personal story in the second paragraph, then using scientific facts to support it in the third paragraph while mentioning parts of the second paragraph, then more information in the fourth paragraph while mentioning parts of the third paragraph, and rinse and repeat for five paragraphs. These suggestions are utterly worthless and would permit confirmation bias.

My suggestion: Don’t buy it. It is a total waste of money. At best, and I am being very generous of even this, it is worth 0.99 cents and not a penny more than that.

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