I Hero: The Beginning by Jason Zandri

The main character is a Gary Stu. After a fairly interesting prologue, the story devolves into ridiculously obvious cliches, the author portrays a “Middle Eastern” side character with some weird mix of Israeli and Pakistani name origins. Assuming the author was trying to portray a typical person from the Middle East then he failed to do his research on names. The main character goes into boring monologue after boring monologue to explain the “plot” of the story; talking about his favorite superhero to then speaking of a comet aligning with all the planets… so that he can go blind staring at the sun because the comet will be located the sun. Then some random old lady, who he befriended for whatever reason, is dying but grasps his arm tightly and says some magic spell before she dies. After that, he wakes up in the hospital and starts to go into a boring monologue about himself, how the old lady just happened to be accused of being a witch, and yadda yadda. I stopped after that point because I found the story to be boring.

Pretentious, boring, and it seems like this author is just writing for the sake of his own personal wish fulfillment. Even the title itself seems to imply wish fulfillment.

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