Dating and interviewing: How improving one skill improves others by Aadi Reddy

This book suffers from a myriad of run-on sentences, awkward wording that often times makes little sense within the context of the sentence, and it reads like an unedited diatribe of whatever was on the author’s mind.

The title seems misleading; the author offers a scant few hypothetical examples that rely on the author’s obvious stereotypes about people and doesn’t seem to appropriately understand the term “skill” because of how the word is used. After each hypothetical example, the author has a “skill acquired” section at the bottom of most pages that explains the author’s reasoning for why the reader should act in a specific manner. Yet, this is based on the author’s hypothetical examples and not based on any qualitative research.

I doubt this author has actually dated another person or been interviewed. The “skills” are either stating the obvious in a long-winded fashion or using a bunch of hypothetical stereotypes.

It’s a seventeen page book and should take the average reader less than half an hour to complete . . . but don’t waste your time. For anyone looking for a job or dating advice, I recommend that you ignore this book.

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