Working on my second ebook

It seems the sales for my ebook have pretty much ended. It’s kind of a shame but it’s a good learning experience. I don’t have any reviews so I shouldn’t expect much.

I feel quite terrible for not updating promptly. I’ve found, to my surprise, that more people have come to read my blog and they’re all from the same forum page: The Sam Harris Reddit page. I had thought that it was perhaps two people who just searched my website on the same days but the stats tell me that these people are coming from different countries altogether. Mostly Australian visitors seem to be interested though. I really don’t know what else to say but thank you.

Regarding my second ebook; I can’t help but feel a severe loss of confidence in my ability. If reviews aren’t the basis for a good book, then what is? I’ve been reading marketing books but I have only found contradictory information on the use of kindle for marketing one’s ebook. Generally speaking, they all argue that I should write erotic fiction to get anywhere since Kindle is flooded with erotic fiction. It seems 50 Shades of Grey has left a long legacy of trashy romance novels or maybe it was just the epitome of the trashy romance genre? Regardless, it’s a bit upsetting to see that books with superior content don’t do better than a copy-paste formula of melodramas but that’s just my personal preference.

So really, what would trying accomplish? It won’t lead to any real success due to my lack of any real marketing skills, I’ll have wasted more time writing works that didn’t help me achieve anything, and I’ll probably just be labeled a bigot without anyone bothering to read my next ebook. The research for the ebook is taking too long anyway and would anyone truly be interested? I suppose negativity will always accompany me in my endeavors; usually with accusations that I just whine.

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