Why do we really have wars in the Middle East?

Why do we really have wars in the Middle East?

During the 1970s, President Nixon made a deal with Saudi King Faisal since the U.S. economy was headed for a crash because of the Bretton Woods agreement to sell gold on the U.S. dollar.

Kissinger and Nixon laid out the plan that would keep our society from total economic meltdown; we would fight wars to keep the Saud family in power, we would sell him military equipment by the billions, we would set-up bases to defend him from any aggressors, and all he had to do was sell oil on the U.S. dollar.

By 1975, several other oil producing countries – known as OPEC – made these same agreements and our economy was saved.

So what did selling on the dollar do? It meant that the U.S. would become the reserved currency of the world. Anyone who wanted oil across the globe would have to buy on the U.S. dollar, they would have to invest in American businesses, Americans would get a price cut on any imports from foreign countries, and our economy had a booming prosperity that we’ve lived with until 2004 when the economy began to slow down because of the rising price of oil because of increased demand in China.

But basically, all of our prosperity, our innovation, the electronics we buy, the best cars, the thriving job market, and even our ability to advance scientific and economic innovation to stay as the #1 country in the world is all due to the fact that we sell oil on the U.S. dollar.

So what do we have to do to maintain this prosperity since manufacturing jobs all fell apart and 80% of our job market is retail? We have, and have done so for years now, sold powerful military equipment to several Middle Eastern dictatorships; dictatorships that preach Wahhabiism, whose royal families freely commit rape and murder to whoever they want among their citizens, who force women to live in horribly unequal standards, who have night police that kidnap, torture, and behead any pro-democracy demonstrators, who crush any attempt at civil protests, who you never hear about in Western media because we need to keep the news on only the negatives of the Middle East to inspire more recruits for the army, and who will never be given better human rights because the world needs cheap oil.

It’s important to understand, this has been going on for a period of nearly 40 years now. We have slightly less than 4000 Military bases across the world and we have many warships and bases on the Middle East for the sole purpose of keeping dictatorships in power to keep the price of oil cheap. If we were to allow civil protests to give rise to better rights then – because businesses need to keep selling for a profit – oil prices would skyrocket to rates such as $20 a pump for gas.

That is why our media ignore civil protests, why ISIS is such a threat since they took oil fields and are selling in the black market for cheap, and the fact they threatened the dictatorships that we help. This is why the U.S. destroyed the democracy of Iran and allowed the Shah to put Iranian democratic protestors in concentration camps.

Why do Muslims kill other Muslim groups in the Middle East? Because the U.S. tries to put them against each other so that there’ll be less wars needed to crush them ourselves to keep our petrodollar system in place.

Why is Israel important? Because then these dictatorships buy weapons from us, sell them to groups like Hezbollah and Hamas to then war with Israel who gets a blank check from U.S. to war with Palestine. On an annual basis, we give 97 billion worth of arm to the wahhabi extremists of Saudi Arabia and have 3 U.S. bases there to keep the Saud family in power. The Middle East doesn’t hate us for democracy – they have always said that they hate us for our hypocrisy and the fact we keep them oppressed to keep our empire intact using their resources to do it.

We are not at war with Islam; we are keeping our power over the Middle East. The Middle East is our empire and our government will not allow them to have self-determination.




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  1. The opening two paragraphs have more than a whiff of conspiracy theory and a definite odor of ignorance about monetary theory about them.

    In relation to US involvement in the Middle East, you’re missing large parts of the historical and sociocultural picture here.

    This includes the politics involving the Ottoman Empire in the immediate pre-WW1 era, the WW1-WW2 period of British control of the Middle East, the subsequent break-up of British control and arbitrary re-drawing of borders in the 1945-1953 period, the superpower politics of the Cold War, the adoption of interventionist policies by neoconservative US politicians and the current administration, which believes in policing at arms length (as several previous Democratic administrations have).

    Once you understand this, then you need to understand the internal dynamics of Middle East politics, including religious factionalism. Then you need to understand the historical relationship between the US and its allies and enemies in the Middle East.

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