My ebook will be 99 cents for a short time starting June 2nd

I’ve also added a new title. If nothing else, this has been a learning experience. I’m doing another promotion, this time a 0.99 cent promotion, to see if people will gain a greater interest. But, after 29 hours, the price will increase to 1.99 and then 2.99 because it’s part of the Kindle countdown deal.

I have to admit, the lack of consistent sales was a blow to my morale but I have to remind myself that I’m just starting out. I guess I wanted instant gratification and I just couldn’t admit it to myself. I admit that I rushed the ebook a bit because it was something that I felt compelled to write because of all the disgusting levels of bigotry that the New Atheist community had condoned. It’s a large step away from the ideals that the community claimed to hold and I despise the fact that I was ever duped in being a fan.

My views changed when I learned, through college courses, the real reasons for religious extremism and changed enough to dissociate myself from New Atheism after learning about the sexual assault problems and the real historical background of Islamic terrorism.

For anyone who is curious about it and my objections to New Atheist arguments regarding the Middle East:

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