The results of my Survey regarding Feminism and Gaming

Full disclosure, I made the survey for a college term project. These were my results. Overall, it was a pretty enlightening experience and I’m quite happy that I did it. There really is an overwhelming majority of gamers who hate GamerGate and support Feminism in gaming. Shocking, right?

Notable Facts:

Most of the survey participants claim to be Caucasian and Male. Approximately 25% of the survey takers were female.

Most of the participants hold a College degree or seem to currently be attending College.

I conducted this survey via sharing on web forums Gamefaqs, Reddit, IGN, Woodus Dragon Quest Forums, Extra-credits forum, and Dayonepatch gaming forum. An overwhelming amount of the survey participants were from Reddit’s gaming forums and survey forums.

White male College educated gamers want more female inclusion and they’re supportive of feminism in gaming.

Feminism in Gaming Survey

One thought on “The results of my Survey regarding Feminism and Gaming

  1. That’s the problem. There are plenty of people that don’t have college degrees who are 13 years old and people that like to do things for the laughs. Stir the pot so to speak. I do like the fact you involved Dragon Quest Forums <3.

    Its interesting that a word which can be defined gets an opinion instead of a definition. says "the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men."

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