Simplistic Narrative V.S. Nuance: Comparing Ex-Muslim and Hindu explanations on Kashmir

Comparing Ex-Muslim Anti-Theist Armin Navabi's explanation for the political situation of Kashmir with the Hindu Sham Sharma's explanation. #AtheistRepublic vs #ShamSharmaShow

What Are The Pros and Cons of Supporting Prominent Western Ex-Muslim Atheist Activists?

The tone-deaf photo-op at a Berlin Holocaust Memorial is one among many problems with the strategy and ideals of most Ex-Muslim Atheist personalities and Intellectual in the West.



What The Fuck Happened To Intelligent Discourse?

When Christopher Hitchens died, it seems the entire world dropped double-digit IQ points.

Why There Is No God by Armin Navabi

This book is an excellent introductory for theists, agnostics, and atheists unsure of their atheism on the basic arguments that atheists have against the belief in a God or Gods.