I self-published a chapter of one of my stories on Kindle Vella

Click the above or this link, if you would like to read the first chapter.

After speaking about book writing endlessly beforehand, and constantly starting then stopping book projects for so many years, I decided to just self-publish the most recent book story that I’ve been working on and then scheduled the future chapters on a weekly basis every Sunday.  I’ve only written five chapters so far and I’m mainly writing this via the discovery writing process with a minimal outline. The genre should probably be classified as Grimdark fantasy and dystopian fantasy. I’ve written a separate pen name for it to differentiate it from my political books, as mentioned prior. This story is a test-run for future projects; I intend to try three test-run stories before trying to write more long-term stories.

The condensed summary, also available on Kindle Vella, is as follows:

Due to the upcoming tournament to determine the future ruler of the theocracy known as Leviathan Unity, the Overseer of the Covenant secretly tasks his granddaughter, Mekia, with assassinating all his political rivals so that his successor will be someone of his lineage. Meanwhile, tensions worsen among the Noblesse due to hysteria over an ancient prophecy. Mekia eventually forges a secret covenant with Tumaz, a member of the discriminated racial group for her own political interests. 

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