The “Suzy Lu Controversy” is the “Anime and Reaction Community” whining about stupid shit

What the fuck are the stupid people in the Reaction and Anime community whining about? It's like as soon as someone criticizes another Youtuber, suddenly there's a whole slew of people who want to get in on the "drama" and create their own pathetic videos in the hopes of gaining fame out of it

Why Credentials Matter: How Factual Are Pieter Friedrich’s Claims?

Pieter Friedrich's claims in his Adios Modi article don't hold up to scrutiny when probed deeper.

What are Pieter J. Friedrich’s Credentials?

Pieter Friedrich claims to be an analyst, but what are his credentials?

Breaking Bad Review and General Impressions

¬†Looking through the series, I feel like Jesse Pinkman's character makes less and less sense as it went on and that he just existed to be antagonistic to Walter. The reasoning for their "partnership" feels so out of place even up to Season 3. By contrast, the other characters feel like their motivations make sense … Continue reading Breaking Bad Review and General Impressions

Steins;Gate (Visual Novel on PSVita) Review and Impressions

A slow-paced story that ultimately has amazing characters, plot, narrative, and endings. Definitely worth reading/playing for Visual Novel fans.

The Double-Postmodernist Thought Experiment

Let's say there are two postmodernists who believe that all forms of truth are relative, but hold different internal values and judgments on problems in their society and they sit together to converse on their disagreements. Let us call these two Postmodernists: Liberal Postmodernist and Conservative Postmodernist. Liberal Postmodernist is concerned by the wife-beating and … Continue reading The Double-Postmodernist Thought Experiment

Disillusioned With Enlightenment Values and My Commitments to Personal Integrity

It might just be my current mood due to the lockdown and quarantine, and I hope I don't continue feeling this way, but I feel a strange sense of emptiness that's only grown worse. I can't bring myself to focus on anything in particular, especially not the novel that I had hoped to place the … Continue reading Disillusioned With Enlightenment Values and My Commitments to Personal Integrity

Don’t Miss Your Opportunities

There's no point in worrying over things you can't control, so instead focus on the free time that's available for you.