American Politics has become incoherent

Even if I try to pay attention, it is just an endless ocean of melodrama submerging me in either feeling detached from all the negative news or just never having any real conversations on serious issues of importance. Whether Climate Change, Islam, Gun Control, or whatnot.

My own critique of Jesus’s teachings as a Hindu

Permanently reduced the prices of my split Ebook editions

What is Meant by #HijabIsRapeCulture?

SentientPuddle banning people from the Atheist Discord for Puddle’s own incompetence

      Oh dear, it seems he went around other forums asking his friends to defend his incompetence:  

A Hindu’s opinion on the Western Ex-Muslim Movement

Should the Catholic Church be Abolished?

I've heard far too much about sympathy and reform to hold back my contempt at how fairy tales considered more important than the welfare of innocent children. I spend over 2 hours examining some of the Catholic Church's egregious offenses and give my opinions on the institution.