My One Piece Fan Speculation on Future Chapters, The One Piece, and my thoughts on the True Name of the Ancient Great Kingdom

I’ve been looking through several fan theories and I wanted to give my own speculation after re-reading a few chapters, several fan theories online, and thinking over the plot of One Piece. I’ll start with theories I’m least sure of first and then move onto the ones I spent more time pondering over. I know it’s really arrogant and I doubt any of this is true; I suppose I’m just trying to kill time to avoid focusing on how worthless and joyless life feels for me nowadays; I’m likely not the only one who feels like life’s been so disappointing to them so making any complaints is just censured as whining so in the end I’m left with the dismal, negative thinking. I’m pretty sure most of what I come-up with will be laughed at as completely stupid and worthless like my entire life.

Here are the One Piece speculative theories I’ve come-up with, if perhaps you just want a good laugh at nonsense, feel free to read:


Sabo’s supposed death is a red-herring

The news of Sabo and the Revolutionaries attacking the Marines is a red-herring to distract away from two events:

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