Happy Buddha Purnima / Vesak

Today is evidently the Buddha's birthday as recognized by several Buddhist schools of thought and Buddhist traditions. I thought I'd add this post as a celebration. The art is by Sherman Nepali and can be found here.¬†For a quick rundown, on the celebration of the Buddha's birthday, click here. More information can be found here. … Continue reading Happy Buddha Purnima / Vesak

What The Fuck Happened To Intelligent Discourse?

When Christopher Hitchens died, it seems the entire world dropped double-digit IQ points.

“Shariat” Courts Must NEVER Be Allowed In India

I recently happened upon this disinformation article by IndiaToday claiming to be factual. It is full of misdirection, omissions, and lies and I want to prove it to you all. Sharia law courts must NEVER be allowed in India. Do not allow this horrible, disgusting system infect India because of "religious tolerance" -- it is … Continue reading “Shariat” Courts Must NEVER Be Allowed In India

I Shared A Post About How The Rohingya Committed Genocide And Got Blocked By Reuters

Massacres By Rohingya Muslim Militias Are Being Ignored To Prop-up a Marxist Good Versus Evil Narrative