Captain America: Civil War

MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW Avengers 3: Civil War is a brilliantly written film that . . . oh, I'm sorry, Captain America: Civil War. I apologize for the oversight, you see, I just couldn't tell the difference between this Captain America film and an Avengers film . . . because far more than just Captain America … Continue reading Captain America: Civil War

The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Major Spoilers Below One of the best sequels I've ever seen. The plot twists, apart from the one at the end, take a surprising turn. The Ice Queen displays more cunning, thoughtfulness, and endearment to her child slave army than Ravenna did with . . . anything. However, the film is more a romance/adventure more … Continue reading The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Angel Egg (1985 Anime Film)

Major Spoilers below This uniquely visualized film explores a what-if concept of the Noah's Ark story in the Bible. What if Yahweh decided not to help humanity after the Great Flood and instead let the world die? In the film, a dove is suppose to inform Yahweh of what happened so that Yahweh begins the … Continue reading Angel Egg (1985 Anime Film)

Wolf Children (2012)

By far, one of the best films that I've watched. It simply outdoes itself in its depiction of real life characters in difficult settings. Some people may not like the Mother character due to potential perceptions that she's a mary sue, but I could see real life cases of mother's acting in such a happy-go-lucky … Continue reading Wolf Children (2012)

Struggling Against Personal Apathy

Sometimes, it's a struggle to fight apathy. Particularly when confronting bleak aspects of the world. I am in the perfect position to be working on subjects of great import to me, but I find myself struggling with apathy again. I had hoped that I would no longer suffer this stupid problem but here I am, … Continue reading Struggling Against Personal Apathy

Bakemono no Ko

An anime film that is worth the watch. I felt as if some of the storyline was generic but the method in which the story occurs makes it unique enough to be interesting. Some parts, like the relationship the main character has with the love interest, is rather melodramatic. But this film portrays a Master-Student/Quasi-Step … Continue reading Bakemono no Ko