Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne is widely recognized as one of the best in Atlus's Shin Megami Tensei series. It is known for its harsh, unforgiving, and mature atmosphere. The game itself delves into numerous philosophical concepts and demonstrates the desperation of the human mind in dire conditions where survival is crucial. This is an M-rated … Continue reading Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

Dragon Quest V DS

Dragon Quest V is part of the "Dragon Quest" series. It was created by Yuji Horii with character and monster designs from the creator of Dragonball and Dragonball Z, Akira Toriyama. It's the fifth installment in the Dragon Quest series and the DS remake marks the second remake made for Dragon Quest V specifically. This … Continue reading Dragon Quest V DS

Persuasive Writing: The 80/20 Solution

I cannot fathom why anyone would spend their own money to market this book for $2.99. Seriously? The author has no understanding of marketing and competition. You can finish this book in five minutes of reading and all this author does is make utterly worthless suggestions on how to frame each paragraph to connect them. … Continue reading Persuasive Writing: The 80/20 Solution

Adam’s Rib: A Story of Good Sleep

“Few people know it, but one must have all the virtues in order to sleep well. …And even if one have all the virtues, there is still one thing needful: to send the virtues themselves to sleep at the right time. That they may not quarrel with one another, the good females! And about thee, … Continue reading Adam’s Rib: A Story of Good Sleep

A work-in-progress chapter of my pro-atheist book

Note: This is an edited earlier draft that may not reflect the finalized book. Chapter 1: Conventional Religion Anecdotes             A focal problem with anecdotes is that they can be argued in favor of any position; no matter how contradictory, racist, homophobic, or even positive. Anecdotes are a logical fallacy because they don’t account for … Continue reading A work-in-progress chapter of my pro-atheist book

A Civil Action: More Truthful Than Erin Brockovich

This is probably one of the best law films ever made. Travolta does a stunning job in his performance and the plot is spectacular. However, I think many of the arguments made in the beginning by the character come from fallacies and terrible value judgments. For example, the idea that you can’t feel bad for … Continue reading A Civil Action: More Truthful Than Erin Brockovich

12 Angry Men

“I don’t know.” - words more profound than anything in the average Hollywood script. The film, 12 Angry Men, captures pertinent issues with the legal system - issues that you never observe in any modern Hollywood film. Issues of bias, challenging the assumptions of the court, of the credibility of testimony, of the credibility of … Continue reading 12 Angry Men

I Hero: The Beginning by Jason Zandri

The main character is a Gary Stu. After a fairly interesting prologue, the story devolves into ridiculously obvious cliches, the author portrays a "Middle Eastern" side character with some weird mix of Israeli and Pakistani name origins. Assuming the author was trying to portray a typical person from the Middle East then he failed to … Continue reading I Hero: The Beginning by Jason Zandri

Techniques of Self-Empowerment

Learning Rationality techniques to improve your communication and logical thinking Daniel Kahneman, Thinking Fast and Slow: My Review: Heidi Grant Halvorson, No One Understands You And What To Do About It Why you shouldn’t concern yourself too deeply with what other people think and why they probably won’t have a realistic understanding of … Continue reading Techniques of Self-Empowerment

Anatomy of a Murderer: Why Feminism makes us superior!

“Injustice and filth cast they at the lonesome one: but, my brother, if thou wouldst be a star, thou must shine for them none the less on that account! And be on thy guard against the good and just! They would fain crucify those who devise their own virtue—they hate the lonesome ones.” Thus Spake … Continue reading Anatomy of a Murderer: Why Feminism makes us superior!

For a friend:

A friend of mine recently had to deal with his car exploding. Luckily, he got his daughter out of the backseat before it exploded. At the time, he was taking the car to a mechanic to get it checked-up because he and his wife are moving to a new place. If you can spare anything … Continue reading For a friend: